Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Matters

Recently I entered a few paintings in a show at the Raven Gallery, called Family Matters where this painting took 1st place! Needless to say this was a great day for me as I have never before had anything in a gallery much less in a show. Turns out the gallery feels right for me and I now have 6 pieces there. So if you're in Pewaukee on Capital drive, come on in! It's right next to Panera Bread where you can get a sandwich and your favorite coffee either before or after spending time viewing some amazing art by some very fine artists.

Back to the painting. It is a 24 x 18 oil on linen titled, In Their Element and is of my 2 sisters walking on the road in front of a 3rd sister's home in Arbor Vite, WI. Four sisters and a cousin had gathered to spend the weekend together as we try to do at least a couple of times a year. Teresa and Paula, depicted here, are as close in heart as 2 sisters can be, though they live 5 hours apart. That, plus the fact that as a family we all love the outdoors, put them truly in their element as they walked together on this frigid, February morning!

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