Monday, July 12, 2010


As you know, life unfolds in ways often unexpected. It took far longer than I had planned to finish this painting but that’s OK. At first I was frustrated because “life” kept interfering with my work, but like a whack on the side of the head I realized that no, no, life is, well, LIFE! Fortunately, going with the flow is something that I have gotten better at as the years have gone by. Posted on my refrigerator is a “Rural American Zen” reminder that It is just as is and it ain’t no is-er.”

Unfolding is the title of this new piece. It is difficult to see in this tiny photo but the apple tree has a few blossoms left as they continue to give way to the emerging leaves. As the tree unfurls to the next season, so too does the young girl perched within its protecting branches. For now she has found a safe center in which to dream, to set her intentions, to think about why she is here, to figure out her purpose in life, to have some peace from the chaos and the hurts.

It is my prayer that she will learn to return to this center throughout her life, not within the metaphorical apple tree, but deep within herself. And that she will find her purpose, her passion, and evolve with it as it changes over time. As her world expands into new experiences, she will be faced with so many choices, unlike the apple tree whose well established function is to give fruit and shade and comfort to creatures of all sorts. So, like the spiral that surrounds her, may she ebb and flow, back and forth, in and out, accepting the mystery, the beauty, and the grace of her unfolding life.

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