Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Official!

I am now ready to officially begin calling myself an artist. It's about time. Not only is my new website up & running, ( I was given the opportunity to display some of my paintings for the first time since I was the guest artist at my son's photography studio ( a few years ago. All I had to show back then were works that I had done over 25 years ago.

Luke Wein from Beyond Studio + Publishing ( called on Thursday morning to say that he had reserved space at the Waukesha & Pewaukee Convention & Visitors Bureau. He was kind enough to offer it to me for the whole month of May.

So I spent the weekend finishing the website, making business cards, and framing paintings. Monday morning I loaded up my car and dropped off 4 pieces. I had 8 with me but one was very large and I didn't want to overcrowd the space. I will return in a week or so and switch a few of them. This is so much fun. In case you are reading this, Luke, thanks again for the opportunity.

After spending that last couple of days working on a mailing list and catching up on yard work, I am ready to get back to the painting that I started almost a week ago. As I do I will remind myself to let go and let the flow of energy take over and guide me through the next stroke, and the next, and the next. As with life, the creative act is about the process. The dream might be the "destination" but it's the steps that we take to get there that matter. As I watch my dream unfold and evolve, I marvel at what occurs when I let go of the need to control and simply have a soft focus on the guidance that is coming from within and a trust in the synchronicity occurring without.

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  1. So true Darlene! Easy focus, flow, synchronicity, one step at a time; those are all lessons I have been learning through an amazing dance form called Interplay.
    Wonderful to see your amazing work and read your blog. Thanks for the effort it takes to make it happen.
    Nancy Pfaltzgraf