Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When did I Become Invisible?

When I was in graduate school, a friend of mine told me that out of the blue, his beautiful wife who devotes her time and energy to children's theater mused out loud, "When did I become invisible?"

I have thought a lot about that since getting back to my painting and realized that this theme is depicted in many of my works: an old woman in prayer, an old man who had just lost his wife, 2 old sisters sitting on a front porch, an Indian woman with her papoose, my dad's ancient & well-used canoe, and more.

Then I realized that I have felt that way most of my life! At my father's funeral one of his best friends said to my uncle, "I didn't even know he had a 2nd daughter before John!" (the beloved son.) His best friend! And I was standing right there when he said it!

So I can relate.

I'm not sure how someone who is pretty much invisible can make it in the art world. Us introverts don't do well at standing out in front. So this will be a real challenge, but one that I am willing to take on. Creative self-expression is critical to health and wellbeing so I hope to set a good example through my painting and my writing.

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